In the deep woods, a pregnant deer was moving around  looking for a suitable abode/place to give birth to its offspring. She stopped at a place,  with green grass ground, suitable for childbirth.

Suddenly, the weather started to change, sky was filled with black clouds, lightening started, clouds thundered.

She saw a hunter who was pointing an arrow towards her.

The roar of a lion was coming near and near, to make her its prey.

Rain was about to start.

There and then, her labour pains started. 

What will happen next?

Will the hunter kill her?

The lion make her its prey?

Or, the baby will see the light of life?

The mother deer surrendered herself to Universe into the  blank  and  let Nature take its course.

See the working of Nature (कुदरत का करिश्मा )

With the lightening in  sky, hunters eyes got momentarily blind and  he missed the target.

The arrow he shot, pierced the eye of lion who was about to jump on Mother deer.

The furious Lion started running towards the  hunter, away from mother deer.

The rains were tolerable enough and the mother could give birth to her baby.

In life, we are often surrounded with difficult situations, not knowing the best course of action .  All we can do, at such times,  is surrender to Nature and do our duty diligently, leaving the outcome to Universe.

Universe has its plans for each one of us. We need to trust its plans.

Nature does not make mistakes.
Nor does it forgets anything.

Jai shri hari 🙏🙏