It’s a beautiful experience to move from every moment struggle to every moment bliss. As if the burden has been completely lifted off your shoulders. It’s like staying afloat in the waters of the swimming pool watching the beautiful sky. Surrendering to the divine is not like what’s shown in tv dramas- “Drop your weapons and fall back on your knees. Beg and you shall be pardoned”. Yuck, that’s the grossest feeling right. But surrendering to the divine is like- “Hey look lord my ways of leading life and making decisions are not fetching me good results, so let’s sign an Acquisition and Merger pact. Here you take the commanding wheel and I work on the execution part and we share the profit or losses.” It’s like finding a life/soul partner whom you can trust and give your all and of course sleep peacefully like a baby without a care of the world. Because now your world has shifted focus from being the lead star cast to supporting cast which comes with the perks of being stress-free and care-free. Just play your part well and enjoy without the burden of the TRP ratings. Fun right.

I know I have fallen in love,

And I want to ask him out.

But I hesitate; hesitate because

I fear being bounced back.

I stand tall to screech I am happy,

To the feeling of having myself to rely upon.

Who else can be so stronger to carry,

their weight including mine I inquire?

Who else can have so much leisure to bear,

their pain including mine I inquire?

But there are only cries everywhere I hear.

Laughter hahaha,

It’s just the mind sneering at me,

and not me smiling At life.

Give up, the mind says

Who are you putting up this fight for it implores?

I look around fazed,

Into the pits of darkness, I find you ablaze.

Saying everything is one infinite loop,

Where we start is There we end.

I blurt out,

The one who believes in me is the one I want to believe.

The lord who cries for me and weeps aloud,

 Is the one who won my Love and my solemn pledge.

Namo Narayana.

The happiest part about Surrendering is that no one can reject you except you yourself. Surrendering brings you closer to yourself. You fall in love, not with someone else but yourself. And all this happens because you are shooting love arrows and that’s what comes back and hurts you. No expectations, No strings attached. Just pure Love. So come on my fellow Spiritual buddies, Fall in Love all over again. Let some passion and romance flow in those clogged-up veins and arteries taking you to the heights of being ecstatic.