I am your Swadisthana chakra, the home of your emotions. Through me, you open to life as it is. 

Your feelings start here, like sparks of a firecracker. And so does your guilt. Do you remember that one time when you lacked courage but couldn’t speak it because what will they say? That’s what’s still stuck in me. What has found a cozy home in my core and there it stays until you decide to do something about it, to honor how you feel. 

Do you find it necessary to share your desires with others to be corroborated? Do you believe you’re enough? Or that what comes up for you at the center of my being needs to be justified, validated like a stamp on your passport?

This is what I know. For sure.  

You are entitled to feel what you feel, without explaining it to anybody because no one is you. Is there a better person who knows what you went through than you? You owe it to yourself to be true to the experiences that have shaped your (blessed) life and have brought you where you are right now. No excuses. No justifications. 

Some are of the opinion that you are the result of your actions and that everything happens for a reason. And then there are those who believe it is what it is. Not gonna lie, this last sentence makes no sense to me. It’s a cop-out. An apology for not taking responsibility for your behavior. It’s an easy way out of what you have created for yourself you are not happy with. Or what others made you believe is not right. Because they too got stuff to process, to make sense of. A puzzle being solved.

You are a by-product of the little actions you perform every day, those you think make no sense. These are the ones that shape you, and create your reality right now. It is what you make it to be. With a good dose of faith and devotion and why not, good luck. 

This is my recommendation to you,

honor who are. Don’t worry about what others will think, this is your life. Listen to you. At the pit of your stomach, do you feel expansion, like a balloon slowly being blown or contraction, like a brick sitting right below your navel? If it’s the latter, most likely whatever your emotion is it’s something for you to revisit, to investigate. Become the beacon of your feelings and learn how to discern the ones for the greater good from those of instant gratification. Then act accordingly. 

Thanks for reading ❤️

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