Today on my first day to a short trip to my SWAMIJI s neighborhood – Solan, I have filled my kitty beyond expectations. I have been in love with this area since 2015, when I had visited Ashram for the very first time.

While walking slowly, mindfully and blissfully, I saw few daily labourers working on a construction site on road side. I Just stopped and started chatting with them. They said that they have come all the way from Jharkhand in search of better employment. It was quite like a soft jerk to me. Can’t my beautiful country give them such a simple work at their native place, I am wondering. They said that back there in Jharkhand, they don’t get good amount in lieu of their labour. Here at least they can have two times meal.

The best part was watching them working joyfully, full of energy and a zest for life. A small 6-7 months old healthy, chubby toddler was lying nearby, above the pile of sand stone.
He also was looking very content, without any tension of lying just one feet away from the start of the deep valley. Mountains, roads of mountains and building structures there – everything is so different from plains.

Next best thing happened when I met a family of Himachal. Their lives are a walking-talking Black Lotus App. Hands busy in work, heart busy in help, mind seems already tamed. If I have taken years to learn the a b c of spirituality, these local residents are born with it. Here, instead of high concrete structures, lively spiritual beings and beauty is spread all around.

I deeply experienced  the importance of a PLACE (स्थान ) in the journey of self realisation. Whereas Big Cities give us ample materialistic opportunities, Smaller Ones like Solan, complete a major chunk of our Black Lotus journey in one go.

This Mesmerising Solan and its natives.

Everything about mountains is so magnetic.

I know I am not doing justice to my today’s experience while trying to jot it down in words. Such experiences can only be felt. Still, creating a wordly memory in my worldly journey is also an experience in itself 😊

Jai Shri Hari

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