( This is a peom written by my daughter Siddhani, dedicated to Swamiji – with few touches by me😊)

Thought I had said everything I needed to say,

How foolish, I now understand, it’s a never ending way.

One after the other, YOUR miracles unfold,

They were there, in time, but simply untold.

Books of truth that sing YOUR Glory,

YOUR Grace for sure, knowing YOU, albeit slowly.

Stories of the depth of YOUR compassion, simply amazes,

I try hard to remember all, so that nothing erases.

Thank you God, on earth he had YOU presented,

Salute to the auspicious day (30 Nov), the day YOU descended.

How can I thank YOU my wonderful Guide,

Thanks for helping us, towards the journey called Light.

Bless me that I always remain within YOUR sight,

For the rest of my Life, YOU are my Light,

For the rest of my Life, YOU are my Guide.

(Wish YOU a Very Happy New Year,

that includes all those YOU hold dear)

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