As i said she is my friend so as u might have guessed my friend (mother divine) teases me.Let me tell you a story of such a incident. One time i was in a hurry to join my online class which was in five min. I wanted to drink my super HOT milk fast. my friend (mother divine ) said in my mind ” layu don’t drink the milk now! It is too hot you will burn your tongue. ” But I was in noo mood to listen . All I knew my class was about to start. So I was ready to drink the milk . I was about to take a sip……. THEN TRINNNNNG!!!!! my alarm clock turned ON! !!!!! I GOT SCARED AND DROPPED THE MILK ON THE FLOOR….mama came running upon hearing the glass drop. I S T AR T E D S H IVERING. I WHAT WILL I DO !!!! i could hear my friend (mother divine) laughing with glee. I WAS A BIT MAD THAT I WAS IN TROUBLE  AND SHE WAS ACTING LIKE IF NOTHING HAD HAPPENED!!!! mama came…GLUP! I AM SURELY IN TROUBLE NOW…. ” LAVANYA  don’t drop the glass next time ok? ” mama said in a calming voice. PHEW!! THEN I said to my friend in my mind ” thank you for saving me BUT NO thank you for putting ME in trouble.

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