Dear Readers,

Roughly 7-8 years back, I used to wonder why Swamiji kept going into solitude so often. While I still don’t know why he went, I know how I feel now! 

Currently, I’m at one of those points where I need some space to sustain myself in this world. Perceiving others’ energies, particularly adverse ones, is proving to be extremely difficult for me. And, I need to find a way to get a handle over that.

Following the same, I’ll temporarily be out of OsDotMe. I’ve already shut down my accounts in all other forums (except Substack which I use for newsletters). Except for my husband, son, and other essentials, I’ll be completely out of contact with everyone.

Some housekeeping updates:

  1. Blog Posts: My website ( is accessed by a ton of people on a daily basis. So, I’m scheduling a bunch of blog posts there. OsDotMe doesn’t have the option of scheduling yet, so you’ll have to read my posts on my website. Or, you can sign-up for my free newsletter (through my website). 
  2. The Mahabharata: When I’m in my partial solitude, I will continue to write the Mahabharata. However, I won’t be posting it anywhere (that’s accessible to all). Hopefully, when I return, I’ll have the entire book ready.
  3. GuruToons: We’ve created enough comics to last through my partial solitude. So, the GuruToons team will continue to post Comics on and Instagram. The team has other priorities now. Besides, I won’t be writing wisdom tidbits for a while. So, they’re taking a hiatus (as posted earlier today) from OsDotMe until I return.

This solitude is something I desperately need. OsDotMe is like my family. So, I hope you will all understand the situation.

Extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Please take care of yourself.

Love & Light,

Sri Devi Om

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