The past few months, I have come across various articles and stories on in which people have so beautifully expressed and shared their life experiences to motivate and inspire all. To a thirteen-year-old who hardly ever picks her lazy self from a comfortable couch or bed to even try and do something new, these astounding blogs were only a further push to make her write about her own experiences while learning from others’. Not that any senior citizen or even a person going through grihastha will be motivated to do something after reading the blog of a sulky teenager. Oh well. Try, try, but don’t cry.

And my jaw drops — how inspiring are these people! Here are some people who kick themselves out of bed to do an hour-long meditation at 6:00a.m, and here I lie, who opens the Black Lotus app just at bedtime as she is about to nod off to sleep and still chooses Morning Grace, the shortest 5-minute meditation available on the app.

Look at it, I mean, morning grace meditation done at 10:00p.m in the night. How perfectly fitting. Yet, the Black Lotus app tells me to pat my back for completing all listed activities, or more suitably, forcefully completed after being forced by none other than myself.

But now, one thing I’m sure all the people out there who’re scrolling through this piece of writing encounter on a frequent basis is that mystical, mysterious and strange feeling that one feels almost every minute of their life span in the twenty-first century — yes, irritation!

I myself have countless reasons to be irritated. For a girl whose brain has not logically developed and is going through her puberty, I find myself to be a rock to emotions. I’m quite stable when it comes to that. Yet, irritation completely clouds my mind sometimes. One of the major reasons is my name itself. Look, my name is Hemanya. It’s simple enough. Yet, people intend to make the pronunciation complex. It’s ‘Hay- Maanyaa’.

Yet, to their lips, simplicity is a foreign phrase. I experience the torture of my name being moulded like a ball of dough into various shapes and sizes.




Oh, and the devil of them all —


And people laugh when I correct them. Indeed it was amusing for me at a time as well, but when you’ve heard your name steadily being refined over the years, one experiences irritation. Laugh. I know you already are. Humph.

So irritation — it’s like white phosphorous- or to simplify things a bit- a little child. Anything can affect it and it storms up huge tantrums which completely squash yourself or the other person. Therefore, today, to save you and also myself, in case you’re ever irritated at me or my writing, I decided to write a blog on how to throw about this piece of porcelain without breaking it into thousands of pieces first. Because pieces that have once fallen can be very hard to collect.

The first one is simple enough, if simplicity is not a foreign phrase to any part of yours besides your lips. It’s the reason for our existence. Breathing.

Just breathe. Whoever is causing you annoyance is either doing it deliberately, in that case, don’t make them earn their reward by taking your frustration out on them. Because later, during court-martial, you’ll be the one with regret and they’ll have a satisfied smirk and a pitiful expression.

Otherwise, they’re doing it unknowingly. Don’t be angry at them. You don’t deserve unnecessary discomfort and nor do they.

Alright, so maybe the first method wasn’t as innovative and creative as I thought. I mean seriously, I told you to breathe. Wow, great advice, doctor!

The second method I suggest is to Flip The Script — A concept that I’m going to fully elucidate in my future blogs. Flipping the script means to surprise the other person by doing the opposite of what is expected. You’ll surprise yourself and them. Don’t reward their misbehaviour, but better still, don’t do anything at all. A decision made in haste is waste. Distract yourself from the situation and keep yourself away from the source for a good time duration or at least until you have your sanity back. During that time, don’t pace up and down the room muttering imprecations, do something productive which you enjoy, or if not, go do some work. At least your time won’t be completely trashed for something that’s you’ll forget in a mere two days.

The third is to Accept — Situations, circumstances and people themselves. This is way harder than it sounds. But don’t do it for the sake of doing it. Do it wholeheartedly if you will.

‘I accept you as you are, but will you please shut up and change that attitude of yours?’ asked Monu’s papa.

So I’ll end here. It won’t do well for you to be irritated at me because I wrote a blog too long. Just kidding…

Stay happy forever!