Whenever boredom kicks me off, I mostly end up watching Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani or Tamasha. Tamasha has been one of my favourites. Once in a while, we come across a movie or a script that’s so finely written and executed that it leaves you in awe. But it is also one of those movies which not everybody could understand. For me, this movie is not about Ved(Ranbir Kapoor) but Tara(Deepika Padukone). The overall movie’s center piece would be Ved but an unknown flash ejecting from him would be Tara. There’s a lot to talk about Tara and her love for Ved. She is the only one who had seen Real Ved beyond his regular rut rushing manager. 

A daunting, career oriented, self- opinionated and an independent woman Tara met Ved on her Vacation to Corsica. She and Ved barely spend a week together but she finds herself so much into him. 

The way she searched for him and finally met him after 4 years is the very beginning of Ved’s self discovery triggered by Tara.When Tara hears Ved’s voice after 4 years and the way she rushes up and down in longing, on the iron-stair is endearing. Tara meets Ved expecting him to be Don only but it turns out that he was a man with the lost heart. Tara makes Ved realise that he is more than this average person because she has seen him and what he is. She sees in him what no one sees, he is not just a man with a good job, good salary, everyday putting up a fake smile, wishing everyone good morning and giving the best presentations  He is someone who is deeply lost and confused. Someone who is alone, empty from inside and a bit shattered. But he is also someone with a child like heart, a decent boy who will get into a bus meant for 42 people but has space for 142 people. He is ‘one of them’. She breaks up with Ved but not with Don. Then comes up the masterpiece “Agar Tum Saath Ho”. This song is about Ved and Tara’s inner turmoils.In the song, we can hear two Vocal Cords, when the line ‘Teri nazron mein hain tere sapne, tere sapno mein hai narazi.’ This is a subtle way of showing two different personalities existing within Ved

In the process, Ved is undergoing a big change and he does not know what he is doing and where he is going. When Ved wants to know the ending to his story, Fakir baba calls him fraud because he cannot tell him his ending. He just tells him one thing ‘Dil mein heer liye aur heer khoje virane mein?’ Ved realises he has to follow his heart. The reality was Ved needed an inner voice and that inner voice was Tara. Tara helped him understand what he genuinely loved, who he actually was and the life he was pretending to love or live was similar to digging his own grave. 

For me, this movie is about Tara, all about her. She never gave up on him. 

I personally think that it is a beautiful movie involving deeper imaginations.

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