A teacher has the capability of even dethroning kings and helping in the formation of a new empire like we have seen in the case of Acharya Chanakya. He was a simple Brahmana who had gone to get alms from the king of the Magadha Empire. But the king insulted him. Due to such grave insults by the king, Chanakya vowed that he will dethrone this arrogant and corrupt king. He saw a boy named Chandragupta Maurya soon after and saw potential in him to be a worthy king. Chanakya started grooming the boy in the fields of political science, economics and weaponry. Chanakya also formed political associations to uproot the Magadha Empire by promising lands of the Empire with Magadha’s enemy states. When Chandragupta became an adult, they made an army of soldiers for the battle but lost because they attacked directly at the capital of the kingdom without winning the exteriors of the kingdom first. Chanakya learned from his mistakes and bounced back. Chandragupta under the guidance of Chanakya started attacking small villages and towns of the Magadha Empire with his army and started winning. Slowly, Chandragupta captured most of the Magadha Empire. Chanakya adviced Chandragupta to carry an all out attack on the capital of the Empire. This time Chanakya and Chandragupta won and that’s how Maurya Empire was established. Acharya Chanakya has truly shown the world; the capability of what a tracher can do!

To Be Continued…

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