As the years go by we develop a zone of comfort believing that we know it all; or at least know enough to last a lifetime, but this is just a myth. Learning begins as we are born and carries on till we die is a statement that holds a lot of truth. If we do not learn or know the skills of adapting our journey of life will remain a struggle. It is essential to believe that learning is a lifelong process and we sometimes do not even realize how we keep on learning little things that enable us to deal effectively with situations that surround us.

We need to keep our eyes and ears open so we know how we could enhance our skills to be open to positive change and not believe that we know it all. Life is a challenge and coping with rapid changes is a skill that we need to acquire.  It is to be understood that no learning or teaching is of no use as each experience we have gained through these processes has its utility. What we were taught a few years back may have lost its relevance with time, but we must remember that what we acquire today is linked with things we know already.

All of us are teachers as well as learners, sometimes these roles may get interchanged but our experience will enable us to play our role with conviction and sincerity. I have had a number of people in my life who have been my teachers ranging from my parents to my formal teachers and gurus, my siblings and friends, my colleagues, and acquaintances who have been my teachers from time to time. As a learner, I have accepted their advice and wisdom and modified and used it as I have dealt with situations that I have had to face in my daily routines.

The willingness for teaching and learning must be looked upon as a blessing that we need to value so that we can keep pace with our quest for knowledge and meaningful experiences all our life.