Sadness gnawed at my heart piece by piece and soon whole
Minutes turned to hours, hours into days and days into weeks
As time turned crying left me with hardly a result or a prize
Except for maybe my tear-streaked cheeks.

I set out to explore and search, finding little but sorrow
The mind is always lost, it knows not what it seeks
I realised my effort was in vain, there was little left of it
Except for maybe my tear streaked cheeks.

Blunders I caused, mistakes thousand,
Sorrow engulfed me as I stifled my shrieks
They were cries of pain and hurt and sadness but left me none
Except for maybe my tear-streaked cheeks.

What has come to be, shall also pass
It may take seconds, minutes, hours, days or weeks
So waste no time on crying, rejoice in life, else there will be none left;
Except for maybe tear-streaked cheeks.

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