Pandemic has taken people away physically and brought them closer online and mobile phone has been the blessing these days to conversate and feel attached but excess of everything has its pros and cons. During this pandemic one on occasion while discussing with an old friend what life is like and how things are going during this Pandemic. While we were discussing a lot of personal and professional endures and putting them into different situations. After five to ten minutes discussions zeroed down to why do people lose their cool(he knows I am one of the victims of anger, as I lose mine very easily) and what is the main reason behind one getting angry and losing his or her cool. So we tried to figure out different points and concluded the following points:
• Food is not of our choice
• The song is not of our choice
• The car ahead is not giving us the way
• The car behind us is honking
• The kid at home is not listening
• The partner is not listening
• The colleagues don’t understand your point
• The music is loud
• Marks of the kids are not as we wished
• Your friend has a better job, better life, better life partner (go and live with them for a few days and you will find your to be better- trust me)
• You expected your friend, colleagues, and family to support you
• Your partner speaks loudly (This is my issue)
The list won’t end over here and can keep on writing 100 issues and still a hundred would be left out. But we try to sum all these we could only find two
• Expectation
• Comparison
Expectation: Shyam wanted his son to be a doctor but the kid was passionate about music and then both never had a discussion over it. Sound familiar this is the case of every house in every country and the attributes can change but the situation remains the same. It reminds me of a famous dialogue from the Hindi films,” Akhir tumne mere liye kiya hi kya hai” and the person can be anyone. If we try to analyze the situation we find that both the parties( Parents and kids) are right and true in their position and nothing is wrong but the pressure which they both are facing from the society, peers, and family can sum up to expectations.
Comparison: It is the parallel bar of expectation as expectation increases when comparison increases. When the comparison is within the family it is more dangerous, when it is among friends it can be healthy but not always.
So, now back to the topic a person losses his cool when he finds himself buried under the pressure of expectation and comparison. Now the question is how to get rid of it. (Sorry work in progress)

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