As class 11 started and i was the only girl taking maths in commerce section with most rowdy boys…we used to play most pranks with our teachers …wearing spectacle frames without glass and then rubbing one of my eye and saying mam i cant see clearly! Since all class mates were my freind they all used to give me their pen caps and as a style i had 17 pen caps in my school blazers pocket…when mam said whats this exhibition the whole class used to grin and i was so Anil kapoor style…mam this is Jhakaaas to wich teachers objected…worse than boys! Each diwali my bag was the only girls bag to be checked along with boys to check cracker content! When a screw used to fall from some chair in the class,i used to hide it in my pocket and often go to those book worm varieties in class and say…seee i found something..when they said what i used to take out screw and say..tere dimaag kaa pech. So this was my apprently most decent and humble personality. But deep inside Mr loved was missed each moment…oh how i made plans of how to meet him..

So as i mentioned in this post i made a freind from an adjacent all girl school of my Prince charming..i used to treat her often with chips ,frooty and eclairs to somehow get me a picture and phone number of my beloved. The nuns are very strict in convents and dont let students smile even at opposite sex, so we carefully planned that she should enquire if any girl of her class has a brother in the neighbouring school..
This whole process of finding a Bhaeee took 1 month ..
And why would a freind or her bhaee help an unknown lover so i had to arrange some bribe which was stolen kaju barfi pieces a neighbour had sent for her son s wedding…when my parents saw the box more than half empty next day i but blamed Our Gannu bhaiya s vehicle! So now my freind s acquaintance s brother who was a class 8 student had to go in senior wing and bring the phone number and some how steal his picture from progress register. A progress register is a register with a students information and his pass port size photograph…

After 2 months of constant tries and our house robbed of karachi halwa,pateesaa ,namak paare and russian choclates atlast on an auspicious and my lifes most memorable day i Got his photo…….teri tasveer mil gaee..! I was on seventh haven…..aaj mei oopar aasman neeche! The bhaee could only copy the land line number till 6 digits as lunch bell rang and all teacher and students had to reach their respective clasd rooms..

So miss Ashiq tried all permutation and combinations to dial with all 9 available numbers but this too took 7 days as we were a very close knit family over loving and overconcerned about each other with some adult always hovering around in love..

On the seventh day the lucky 7 as u say….i heard a boys voice……heart beat exploded and instead of saying hello,i froze……..To be continued…..