Yeah, I am back. Did you all miss me? You can love me or you can hate me but you can’t ignore me. But guess what? I didn’t miss you guys at all. Why? I will tell you all later. By the way, I am so overwhelmed by all of your responses that you wrote in the previous post in the anecdote series. I felt like miss universe on the stage kissing at the audience here and there. Damn, I am a star! Now, lets get back to reading my Sadabahar life story, shall we?  Sadabahar means evergreen, thank me later. Ok, but wait. What was my story? I forgot. Let me read my previous one and come back. You all wait here, ok? Don’t leave. Ok? Ok? Ok? Ok.









                   (10 min later)

Ok, I am back. I hope you guys didn’t wait much. Whom am I kidding? You all didn’t. Because #TruthBeTold you all are Yogis. You ask me, how? Because, you all don’t have a sense of time and nor does your body. What was 10 min for me is probably a few scroll downs for you. See, time runs so differently for you and me. So, you all are Siddha yogis and yoginis. So I offer my obeisances to all of you and your marvellous siddhi of Kaala/Time.

Oh yes, what happened after then? Before I proceed, here is a typical tv daily soap disclaimer which I don’t know why, never lasted more than a few seconds. I always wanted to read it all during my childhood but I think they intended not to show it completely. All characters in this story are fictional and also the events. The show doesn’t claim any truth about the events that happen in the show, something like that, I suppose. Wait, that is not my disclaimer. I don’t give such diplomatic disclaimers. Although, I learnt diplomacy from the biggest diplomat ever existed, you all know him well but I would never, would never, be diplomatic here. Maybe a little, ok, a little. So here is my disclaimer. By the way, let me look what disclaimer means. Ok google, what does disclaimer mean? Ok, it basically means denying responsibility, not a typical trait of mine though but here we go.

What I say in this story are not facts but are the truth. Because, like Satyavrata said, our eyes look, ears listen, nose smells and tongue speaks. (But Subham ji, doesn’t the tongue taste if we follow your analogy? I know baba but focus on the bhava/intended meaning here, don’t become too technical about everything. You can become technical in your office/school but not here. Are we clear? Ok, so let’s start. Where was I? Ok.) What eyes see only eyes know it but what the mouth speaks, is something completely else or what the hands type is something completely else. So what comes out from the mouth or from typing is inherently a lie because what the eyes know, the mouth doesn’t know and what the mouth speaks or the fingers type, the eyes can’t know.

Ok, that felt quite good. But Subham ji, if all of it is a lie then what is the purpose of it? Dear, let me tell you something straight which Swamiji nor any Siddha yogi will ever bother to tell you. Your life is also inherently a lie. Not metaphorically but literally. So what is the purpose of you existing, I ask? Nothing actually but see, still we go on rubbing, you know what I mean, off to survive one day at a time and pestering the divine about everything that happens and the divine has such tremendous patience to listen to all our nonsense crap, still smiling at us. Perhaps you should wonder and see if the smile that He exhibits is because He is assuring us that He is always with us or it is just a sarcastic one wondering what a terrible self torture machine have we become for ourselves! No external aid needed. We can all create sufferings for ourselves quite effectively. Or maybe both. So, don’t question, absorb what I say. If you can just do this one thing, let me guarantee you that Mahadevi herself will sit beside you. Such a big claim you ask. Yes it is a big claim but what I said is also not an easy task for everyone especially when everyone is going on telling you all, that you must question everything.You can question, no problem in that but maybe you can attain something else but not Mahadevi. Mahadevi needs surrender. I hope as you all make the journey with me you can experientially realise what surrender is and gain something much more than that. However, before we proceed further, I would like to ask you all to do something. When you start reading my posts, light an oil lamp near you,. Ghee is the best, after that seasame, mustard or any vegetable oil will do the work. If oil lamp is not avaialble, beewax candle will also do. If nothing is there, no problem just ask Swamiji to be your lamp, he can’t refuse you all 🙂 Also, do this 2 hours before you go to sleep at night everyday in your bedroom and see the magic happening. What magic you ask? I won’t tell you. Observe yourself carefully and let me know in the comments below when you experience it.

One more thing. There is always one more, just like our desires. Oh god, give me this thing. This is the last, I swear. I won’t ask you anything after that is the typical cliche line everyone used in their lives atleast once. And you wonder why He does’t stop smiling at you! Damn, I am being so blunt and sadist today. Maybe I should stop now. Yes I should. But before that, I have decided that as I progress through my story, I would also give you an experiment to perform. Yes, experiments like the oil lamp I gave just now. You can cheat by looking for the answers in the internet or by asking Swamiji or you can arrive at your own results by yourself. That I will leave it to you. You be your own examiner here. I can only bring the food, but it is you who has to eat it. So, see you all next month. And those who felt a bit offended by my words, just remember what Swamiji said. Don’t take it personally 🙂

And can you tell me what is the other cliche line we tell everyone around us? Let me know in the comments below. Bye……

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