I marvel at Your compassion my Lord!

 [ I am in awe….spellbound….like a little puppy dog ! ]

The immense compassion 

in Your unsaid words

in Your constraints

in Your actions

and in your inactions

in Your speech

in Your mannerisms 

in Your regard and disregard 

in Your Divine humanity 

in every aspect of how You carry yourself

I marvel at You

I am in awe of You

so blessed to be a witness

Just witnessing You even if from afar

cleanses me and inspires me!

Thank You is not enough

for being the Sun and Moon in my life!

Everyday of this life is a love filled day because You rise in this world everyday!


These simple lines cannot even begin to describe You! Thank you for being You Swamiji and for being in our lives!

Immense gratitude and most loving pranaams. At Your feet always.