Os.me is a community of lovely people and I have received tremendous love since the day I have joined.And beleive me,it really makes your day.Time spent here is worth every second.Its a platform where you get to learn out of the box and you can share your thoughts and experiences with people who are just like your family.

When I joined os.me,I really had no idea about it but when you interact,you exchange ideas,you mingle virtually and this makes a lot of difference.

Here,each member is unique in a way,I must say.When someone comments very lovingly,it really touches your heart 💕 and we get an instant motivation.All I would  say is all os.me members are blessed to have this virtual platform.May this community flourishes and May everyone  stay happy and blessed.

But the motive behind writing this post is  something else.Yesterday,I received an email.It was from os.me and there had been written that somebody has gifted me a creative writing course.I was surprised for a second and I read that again.I wanted to know the name of member who has gifted me this amazing course but it was gifted anonymously.

Generally I don’t get much surprises but that was quite a pleasant surprise.I could not thank that great personality personally so I thought to write one thank you post.Dear Anonymous,It would have been great if you would have revealed your name but I respect you.I understand the intent behind that.A big thank you from the bottom of my ❤️.You have given me amazing opportunity and I will definitely utilize it for my betterment.May God shower all the blessings upon you and you achieve all the goals in your life.May God fulfill all your desires dear❤️😊 and stay happy and blessed.Much love to you.Again A huge thank you.💕🌼❤️😊.


Yours Ripandeep ❤️