I am sick 🤒 and it’s going on from last 10 days. Doctors are confused 🤷‍♀️ it’s viral infection or bacterial. But 1 tablet that helped me throughout my sickness journey is PARACETAMOL and still helping.

So this post is dedicated to Om Swami Ji oh sorry 😢 no this is dedicated to PARACETAMOL 😂😂😂😂. I have realised I can’t just give credit to Om Swami Ji all the time for everything. 

But I don’t understand what magic had he done, the only thing that comes in my mind and heart is thank you Swami Ji.

Why do you want to take all the credit Swami Ji ? ( here comes Anu Deshpande in mind and says Just empty your mind. ) And I Smile.

As once swami ji told me in my meditation/imagination you just smile I will take care of everything.

So I smile when I am sick 🤒 

I smile when I get a kick 🦵 

I smile when I am healthy

I smile when I am wealthy (that’s what rhymes with healthy ok)

I smile when I am angry (truth after few seconds of anger)

I smile when I am hungry 🤤 ( Not true just rhyming)

Now by the grace of Swami ji I am stopping here before you all start throwing eggs and tomatoes on my post. I seek forgiveness from you all who wasted their precious time in reading this . Sorry I am still having high fever 🤒 so thought to do some comedy 🎭.Rather than crying and complaining I am in mood of comedy by the grace of Swami ji 😂😂😂. Swami ji ok this post is dedicated to you. As because of you All suffering is vanishing it’s just pain I am left with Or Am I ?

I feel you took away all pain too… I am here left with a SMILE.

Note: I wrote it last month while I was sick and saved it as a draft. Now by the grace of Swami ji I am perfectly fine :).