I want to thankyou once again for gifting me these amazing books, Dearest Chandrika Mam. This time, you gifted me “Blue Ocean Strategy” and “Guerrilla Marketing” books. These books will really help me in the future. Moreover, these books were part of Swami Ji’s recommended books in “Walk The Dragon: Leadership Program”. With your blessings, i have completed the Walk The Dragon course(which was gifted by you as well). This fabulous course has really helped me a lot and it will also help me in the future as well. So, thanks a lot for gifting me this wonderful course and these helpful books as well.

The Heart Of Success written by our Beloved Swami Ji was a very beautiful gift as well. Because this beautiful book acted as a nice culmination of all the wisdom, knowledge and insights of Walk The Dragon course. I learned so much from Swami Ji’s book. It’s such an inspiring book that i am planning to read it again. The Heart Of Success needs to be read again and again, so as to internalize the practical insights( written by Swami Ji) and to apply it in our lives to become successful. 

Thankyou once again for everything that you have done for me, Dearest Chandrika Mam. I will forever be grateful to you for your gifts, kindness and compassion for me.

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