Many a times I wonder what Yashodhara must have thought the night Siddhartha (The Buddha) left her with their newborn child. Some of her musings, as I could think of, are presented before you. Not verified by any historical fact, this poem is purely my imagination.

That night, O’ Buddha, I was awake

At last, that day had arrived

When You could hold no more

The purpose of your life and the divine call

were setting turbulence through Your inner core

Your concern was for mankind that was at stake

That night, O’ Buddha, I was awake

Quietly, you rose and kissed our boy

Then subtly you bade me bye

You did turn to look at me

You knew my plight but let it be

I held my tears and did not shake

That night, O’ Buddha, I was awake

I would not make things worse for you

I have seen your anguish through and through

It’s not a sudden day that has arrived

With aches, in society, you had much survived

Nothing in lieu of “Enlightenment” you would take

That night, O’ Buddha, I was awake

Although prepared, I was scared

To hold you back, I could have dared

Our family would have been happy and not alone

But then, we would have lived with a breathing stone

Your resolution, even your infant couldn’t break

That night, O’ Buddha, I was awake

I knew what you seek was very profound

That the world will become peaceful and sound

You will clear the flaws of religious duality

You will find for people the path to spirituality

Your birth was for humanity’s sake

That night, O’ Buddha, I was awake

I know you will come for me some day

And will guide me onto your saintly way

My sorrow will not be for futile

It’s my testing phase and sacrifice for a while

In Divine Realm, great couple we’ll make

Since that night, O’ Buddha, I am still awake…

Jai Shri Hari 

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