This was in year 2019, I was traveling back to my hometown from Bhopal. It was not a planned journey, I got few holidays from the coaching and I decided to go back home. Since it was not planned, I had to choose a train that gives me hassle free journey in general coach. One such option was ‘Vindhyachal Express’.
This train is usually not crowded. Basically it gives a comfortable journey in General coach as well.
In this train most of the time upper berths are empty and since journey was overnight so I decided to sleep on one of the upper berth.
Journey was going good, when it was around 2 or 3 a.m. in the night I went to the toilet. When I came back, I saw an old man in the neighbouring compartment was asking for help. He wanted to sleep on the upper berth. I saw one berth was empty adjacent to mine. As I observed for few more seconds, I realised this man was blind.
An old blind man was wanting to climb on the upper berth and no one was willing to help him. People were arguing “How would you get down then?”, “How far is your destination?”, “Sit somewhere, it is too risky for you”. Most of them were too sleepy to help him in the Midnight.
Apart from the upper berth there was no place for him to sleep. When I talked to him, he told me he is going to Jabalpur. It was still five more hours to reach Jabalpur. I further enquired, whether he would be able to get down from upper berth. He replied “Yes, getting down is much easier”
So I decided to help him. I climbed on my berth and asked him to join the adjacent berth. I held one of his hand and then he pushed himself up, I also pulled him up. He climbed the upper berth safely.
I looked at him and he was beaming with a smile. He thanked me and went to sleep. Around 4 a.m. train reached Katni, where I got down for catching the next train.
This is incident might not look like a big deal to the readers, but for me it is.
In the recent times, when I feel low and contemplating on all the wrong things that I have done and a cycle of negative thoughts goes on in my head. I start looking for anything and everything that I have done meaningful or positive.
This one incident now has become center of all the good things that I’ve done. This incident and actually the smile of that man reminds me of all the small or big act of kindness I did till now. This saves me from getting even lower in negative thoughts and pulls me back to a happier and a grateful life.

[This is my first time writing in this platform. Please do suggest corrections in grammar. I hope my story is in accordance with the spirit of this platform ]

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