“Wake up George, Wake up” said the voice from the alarm clock. He tried to ignore the voice but George remembered that today was Monday. It was a tradition he had started many years ago to call his mother early on Monday mornings to wish her a good day and week.

He dialed the number and was clearly confused  when someone he did not recognize answered the phone. She had a whole piece of information that she said he needed to know. His mother was unable to talk to him because she was coughing so hard said the nurse. But mom I am hungry to hear your voice, and you have zero choice in the matter, he thought to himself. “You just have to wait until she calls you back as soon as she can” he heard the person say. Two long hours past and still no phone call. Beautiful pain, what does that really mean, where did the thought come from? He was having one of his inner monologue . He realized that with acceptance and letting go pain could be beautiful. Such a sweet sorrow it is when the one you love so much is in hospice. It was the only choice he had at that point in time to have his mother in hospice care. With that in mind he felt free to move on.

A crazy but fun way of writing: The prompt was Alarm clock and Medha would interrupt our writing by throwing random sentences/ oxymorons to use right then and there.They are the ones I have written in bold, italic and underlined