Writing a book is a dream for many and with my guru’s grace I could accomplish it the second time too. 

I design my book covers and really love this part of my work. I used to draw a lot when I was a child, but because of conditioning of my mind this talent got suppressed. But now I am able to fulfill my deepest desire of creating things. I love my book covers and would like to share why’s of my designs.

Book Cover Design for book 2- “The Ancient Science of Vastu-II, The Manushyalaya Chandrika.”

The design of the book cover is one of the integral parts of the book writing process. This creates the first impression on the readers about the content of the book. We as teamwork very hard to design the cover page with artisanship. We at Heofon Experience always keep a blend of the modern era with ancient principles in mind while designing every aspect of our structures.

Front cover

The first book of this series, “The Ancient Science of Vastu- 1” was very well received among our readers.  For this book which is part 2 of our series, we are giving finer details of the cover design:

Sub title-The Manushyalaya Chandrika Retold: This is a translation of the ancient text with our narration and commentary, hence the word RETOLD in the title. The authors have also added practical examples of the concepts from their vast experience in this field.

The Main title-The Ancient Science of Vastu-II: We will be launching a series of scriptures in the coming years.  Part 1 was a scripture narrated by Lord Vishwakarmaji.  Part 2 is Manushyalaya Chandrika and the original author of this book is Sri Thirumangalath Neelakanthan Musath. We took this book next in our series is because our Guru held the non-translated version. We took that as a sign from the Universe. Next is Granth RajBallabh as I, Jayshree Om, saw the Sapt Rishi Mandala in my dream. A mention of this constellation is present in the scripture.

Mandala: If observed closely, one can see a white light mandala with a glow. Mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols. The mandala shown here is drawn by Dr. Jayshree Om and now adorns the east wall of Sri Manoj Singhal’s office. She learnt this art from Harshita Dakoju, her close friend.  This mandala represents the Sun. If we notice closely, the Vastu Purush is also a Mandala. The left side of the figure is a replica of the right side. All Yantras are a mandala, as they are always symmetrical. Even while designing any structure, we must make sure they are cut at a 90-degree angle and must form a Mandala.

This Mandala adorns the east wall of Sri Manoj Singhal’s office. He is the architect who has helped me apply the ancient verses to modern architecture. Manoj sir’s contribution goes beyond words. 


Padvinyas: On top of the mandala readers can see a white circular pattern. This is a calculation of dividing the area into cells. These cells manifest energy as per the five elements of nature in tune with the rotation and revolution of the Sun. This is a highly scientific and effective way of bifurcating land. On the cover page, we have taken an 81*81 cell division where the area is represented by 45 energies. This is a symmetrical and geometric calculation symbolic of a mandala.

Dots: The yellow dots on top of the padvinyas represent auspicious entrances. The red dot represents the Bindu, the point from where creation begins… the energy which is manifested in the form of Brahma or Adyashakti.

Spine: Orange is used to break the monotony of the brown shade. If observed minutely, one can see a small white compass beside the title.

Back cover

The Sanskrit verse: The verse used is from this scripture itself, Chapter 1 v 15. The original author believes that work must be done as per Vidhi Vidhaan or with due procedures.

The Koot: The figure is of the tip of the Spire or Shikhar. It’s called a central hub.

Write up: Brief on the book and authors.

Background: The Background is an aerial view of a city, and the kut gives a feeling of a drone or satellite flying over it. This is a modern representation of the ancient methods used to arrive at the exact land shape and orientation of a particular site. It’s all science and based on mathematical calculations. This is a very important aspect, as per #vedicvastu.

Book: Bottom left corner, readers can see a miniature book. This is our first book, which was #1 bestseller in the architecture genre on Amazon. The audience well appreciated the book, hence we will come out with a series of publications of many other vastu scriptures.

Barcode and ISBN: The book has an exclusive ISBN code and bar code which is mostly printed on the right corner

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