Vastu Shastra Sri Raj Vallabh

By Sutradhar Mandan, 1443 CE

राज-राजेश्वरी राज्य-दायिनी राज्य-वल्लभा ।

 राजत्कृपा राजपीठ-निवेशित-निजाश्रिता ॥

-Sri Lalitha Sahasranama, v135
Brahmanda Purana

Title: The Raj Vallabh Retold

I was so thrilled to know that Rajyavallabh is the 686th name of Goddess Lalitha, where Raj means kingdom and Vallabh means loving. Devi will bless anyone who constructs a home following the rules of Raj Vallabh and that house will be like a kingdom loved by everyone. The name “Rajyavallabh” popped up on my WhatsApp group, just one day before I was about to publish the book. I am thankful to Ramaa Bommireddipalli Ji for sharing a thousand names of Devi. 


Sutradhar Mandanji has played an important role in keeping the tradition of Indian architectural science intact through his ‘Granths’ (books). Mandanji was born in a period when the temples, sculptures, and paintings were endangered. In this situation, he brought back important principles of Ancient Architecture and incorporated them into his structures. He wrote the Granth (books) for the residents, architects, civil engineers, and interior designers. 

Sri Mandan’s contribution is considered crucial in the field of Vedic Vastu Shastra. The impregnable fort of Kumbhalgarh was constructed under his supervision and plan, in the year 1443-1458 CE. He is one of the most famous architects who is known to apply Vastu principles to all his structural buildings. He had vast knowledge in the field of Dev Prasad (temples), Vapi (step-well), Jalashya (water bodies). 

He was the favorite architect of Mewar, under the reign of King Rana Kumbha, of Mewar Kingdom of Western India, 1433-1468 CE.

He was related to the lineage of Sompura Gujarat Architects. Perhaps, his family members were related to the architect community who built the famous Somnath temple, which is mentioned as Sompur in the Purnas. He was the son of Architect Kshetrark (Kheta). 

Reference: Rajasthan Government., class 8 social science


This scripture has 14 chapters spread across 483 verses.

Aim and Purpose:


आनन्दं वो गणेशार्कविष्णुगौरीमहेश्वराः ।

देवाः कुर्युः श्रियं सौख्यमारोग्यं गृहसम्पदः । । १ । ।

May Lord Ganesh, Sun, Vishnu, Parvati, and

Mahadev gives you bliss and a house that is always

Blessed with wealth, happiness, and good health. ||1 ||

-Sri Raj Vallabh, ch1, v1

Explanation: Architect Sri Mandanji begins the scripture by blessing the person who will put his faith and time into this text and build the house as per the Vastu scripture. He is aware of the fact that blessings have great powers and can give people what they wish for.

This scripture is based on the Ancient Vastu Principles. Its usage is primarily for residence planning, education, research, and structural designing.

All ancient scriptures are written for a single purpose:-

आत्मनो मोक्षार्थम् जगत् हिताय च |

Atmano mokshartham jagat hitaya cha |

For the salvation of our individual self and for the well-being of all on earth.

-Rig Veda.

Cover Design:

We have maintained the cover design for our series, “The Ancient Science of Vastu”. This is the third book in our series. You can see the Kumbhalgarh fort in the background. The image of the star is a scientific calculation of placing the columns described in this scripture.

On the back cover, you can read the first verse of this book. This verse tells us the primary reason for compiling this scripture. The image below the Sanskrit verse is of the lord of the directions, Digpals. We use them as a Vastu remedy for residential and industrial sites.

My Journey:

This lockdown showed us a lot of colours. It made us realize the greatest truth of life- nothing matters in the end. The importance of health is the real wealth anyone could have earned. I did have my anxiety graphs, but what kept me afloat were my scriptures. They helped me fulfill my purpose and sail through these tough times. There is a great sense of fulfillment in writing books. I am grateful to my Vastu Guru, Dr Shiv sir, for always guiding me. All my learning comes from him. My obeisance to the divine in him. I get my copy of scriptures from Shiv sir, but many are available on I found a digitised version of this scripture, a handwritten version. Sometimes, I feel awful for losing our ancient scripture in the hands of invaders. We lost our culture, creativity, and zeal.

Special thanks to Architect Sri Manoj Singhal for always motivating me to bring the ancient principles forward so that we can apply them in modern living. Unless the modern architects come out strongly, we cannot bring this ancient science to the forefront. You can find his works on

Laxmi Duggirala has been editing my books and blogs unconditionally. I am touched beyond words for the love and care that she showers on me. She is an editor by profession. She can be reached at

Our primary motive is to bring back the glory of Ancient India. We all are giving aahuti (offering) in the great havan, havan of the great Brahmand (Cosmic Yajna) in our own ways. Results and gains are never the reason behind our work. They just happen with Guru’s Grace. We all are just mediators. 

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Stone slab at Kumbhalgarh Fort