It had climbed the toenail of the mammoth,

This little ant — blind, lost, but sure of itself,

As it had a sense which led it through life,

Being able to recognize things by feel.

“I’m in a new place,” it thought, feeling the toenail,

“But I will overcome this and grow on.”

And it climbed upwards, its spirit soared too,

Higher till it reached the skin on top.

“I have overcome,” it thought,

“This huge new path, I am great.”

The feel of the skin was new yet again.

“Another new place? I have to go on further.”

It climbed onto the skin and explored hither tither.

There seemed no end to what it sensed now.

“I am lost. I have nowhere to go and no way to know”,

It thought as its spirit let go.

After a while of running around,

Tired of the aimless pursuits of something it still didn’t know,

It decided to move upward again, not knowing which way was upward.

Its spirit drove it, and it trudged on the giant leg.

After what seemed like eternity, yet but just a moment for the mammoth,

Who was unaware of this little creature climbing its being.

The little ant felt a change of state,

As it hung upside down at the underbelly.

“I have overcome again, the vertical path,

But here I am upside down,” it thought.

“More peril, more challenge, but this too will pass.”

So thinking, it went across the elephant’s side.

And the huge, peaceful supporter of the ant’s tiny life,

With no clue of the little one’s existence went on as usual.

The ant all encompassed in its own thoughts so far,

Thought now of what it is upon that felt so huge.

The supporter of its life, moved along a bit,

The little ant took fright at the tremors as the giant moved.

It clutched on for dear life,

The supporter, the cause, now also its saviour, still unaware of its existence.

Now it gathered courage as it hadn’t fallen,

And moved yet again upwards despite the rocking surface.

Till it reached the top, horizontal yet again after long,

Riding the top in joy and safety.

“I’ve come all the way up and overcome this giant,”

It thought now, as peace was restored when the elephant stopped.

After a while, the ant still blissful,

Started its descent looking for its original terrain.

It had gone through all that an ant ever could,

Felt pride, fear, courage, joy and surrender,

Till it reached the pinnacle and felt lasting peace,

At having overcome – yet what it had, it still didn’t know.

It descended and reached the plain ground,

Other ants were around, moving busily doing as was their won’t.

This ant tried as it could to tell them to move upward,

They went on doing what they always did.

The ant had overcome and found peace,

It knew it had, and resumed life with the rest,

It knew not, yet it knew, what had changed within,

It’s Support, still unaware yet being the cause, the witness, the Everything for its change.

So it is with man and God,

Man the ant and God the elephant,

The ant had overcome the elephant –

Or had it?

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