Grief’ is a word we don’t want to be friends with, but such is life- sab mausam aayenge: kabhi khushi.. kabhi Gam…

“Khona Kya hota hai jaana tumko paa ke,
Raat ke andhere mein, dhoond rahi hoin jugnoo jaise.
Dil mera janta hai zindagi ka ye sach,
Fir bhi kyoin aisa lagta hai, Judi hai har kadi tum tak…”

If you have read my first post you will understand where I’m coming from. In those difficult days, I was looking for answers. I felt if I get my answers I will be at peace.

I read various books, books about life after life, soul connections (some by Dr Brian Weiss), the art of living and dying by Osho but I did not come across anything that explained how to grieve…the art of grieving. 

Is there anything like that- THE ART OF GRIEVING??

In my first hand experience, there was a big difference between the east and the west— how we accept grief.

Back in India, my family was trying hard so that I don’t think about my lost child or they thought if they will talk about her, it will hurt me. Everyone was trying to distract me from this cruel reality. But the fact was… it was hurting me more. I wasn’t able to come to terms with  how soon everyone moved on (not that they did, but my mind could not comprehend or think through…)

For me, there was no moving on, rather I did not want to move on. 

Whereas, when I came back to London, my colleagues told me to take time and grieve. My friends did not go numb when I mentioned my baby. 

I’m not saying that one is superior to the other or if there is a right or a wrong, but in my journey, I have realised grieving is just like a love story…  a very personal affair. Everyone will have their ways of coming to terms with this. Only you will know what hurts, how much it hurts and what will give you peace. 

Also, I believe you move forward, there is no moving on. You learn to live with that love in your heart… love, that only you can feel: just like love for the divine- only your heart knows.

Separation is the biggest illusion we live in… truth is we are all walking each other Home.

I firmly believe, if you have chanced upon this or any post on, you are not alone, but there is a force walking with you ‘Swami Ji’

If someone you know is going through a difficult phase, you should tell them you are with them, for them… not to advise, nor to judge their actions or tell them how strong they are but just with an ear to listen and arms to hug.

More power to everyone, fighting some battles big or small. LIFE IS A JOURNEY, KEEP MOVING!!!

Jai Sri Hari🙏🙏