The purpose of life is to get peace and happiness , to survive in this life , happiness is essentially needed
If you can learn to ride a bicycle, you can also learn how to  become happy person
Speech on happiness by Mr Mathew , Tibetan Monk happiest person in world
The French National has a different opinion about happiness , someone has written an article saying that they do not like the imposition of dirty work of happiness on them , they do not care the happiness , they need to live with passion , they want to live with ups and down in life . There is a different opinion and perception about happiness to different individuals in this world .
Happiness means well being , no one think after wakes up in the morning that he may suffer the whole day , which means somehow directly or indirectly , consciously or not showed in the long term .
Whatever we do, whatever we hope , whatever we dream , somehow is related to deep performed desire of happiness and well being . If someone is suffering , he is looking for cessation of suffering in his life finds no other way .
If we see in the east and west , there is incredible diversity of definition of happiness , some people say that they draws happiness by remembering the past and imagining the future , never been in present , someone says that happiness is the quality of the freshness of present moment .
If we determine to adopt the quality of every instant of our life , then it will be better to know what it is . There is a confusion between happiness and pleasure , pleasure is a contingent upon time , upon objects , upon place , it is the change of nature . It is directly connected to our sensory organs . Someone like chocolate and gets pleasure , in the cold , someone sits near the fire and feels pleasure .
Pleasure is a deep sense of severity and fulfilment . It is the state of mind which translates the outside condition in suffering and happiness. Suppose you are living in a beautiful multi storied house of 100 floors and if your are unhappy you will try to find a window to jump and if you are happy person then you would avoid such kind of situation , basically it is the state of mind which governs us in different state of situation and mood . Therefore please try the following formula for happiness
1 After wake up in the morning , see the yellow color for some period , it will actuate the region of happiness in mind and happiness hormone  would secret .
2 think about the kindness and generosity in mind
3 remember your old relation , better to frame the photo of your old friend in your room and see . You would rejoice while remembering
4 helping to unfortunate / destitute human being
5 breath high quality of oxygen so that your blood is saturated with 100 % oxygen

Continue .: by seeing the top waves of ocean , feel elevated , feeling well being , feeling emotional , sensation even joy that can be the string of happiness .even we can rejoice by seeing the suffering of others . How we can proceed in our quest of happiness , often we look outside . If we gather with in us all conditions that everything to be happy if we miss it , it will collapse . If something happens wrong we fix it outside so much , but the control of out of world is limited and temporary . Look In our condition if our mind is stronger, it will translates the outer situation and conditions in happiness and sufferings .
If it is not strong then we would feel unhappy with in us . If we are stronger with in us , It is correct to say that outer condition interfere , it is wonderful that we would live longer and become healthy , we would educate ourselves , have a excess to information , it is highly desirable for happiness . However it is not enough because those are auxiliary help , condition and experience that translates everything with in the mind .
How to nurture condition of  happiness , if we live with jealous, anger , revenge, we can not feel happy , we must to know the power and capacity of our mind , and should know how it can be transformed , negativity is the inherent in nature of mind basically it is awareness of consciousness , the consciousness is like a mirror , it gives the four image not tainted or modified .

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