The Art of Ignorance!


Things happen things go
Events happen events go
For some we react
For some we surrender
But after each we rise
Becoming more wise !!

It’s ok to be not ok
Not all days can be bright light,
And if they were so Then
the realisation of,
mother divine’s graceful miracles
Her showers of infinite blessing;
Have not been able to
touched upon my craving soul…!!

Some (days) needs to be dark night
As each tear that falls apart
Each fear that beats my heart;
Each pain of bounded suffering
Are moments of infinite blessing;

They make me what i am
They make me realise THE truth
They provide me with limitless strength
They shade away from me #all_attachments

Those momentarily illusions
Which were holding me
Vanishes away and
Expanding my #consiousness
Provides me
with wings of infinite freedom !!

Making me just a sunshine!!

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