That day I had asked
“Lord! Why am I living?
If separation is the only way
Then why am I breathing?”

I had cried the whole night
Conserving smiles for the day
So that I could utter Your name
When someone asks me the way

My eyes had reddened
And cheeks were red hot
My tears had formed streams,
In brooks I was caught

I had longed hard to see You
Wishing for Your divine touch
But night bloomed to dawn
I found nothing as such

It had rained and rained all night
Till my existence was blurred
You didn’t appear that day
But Your eyes had moistened a lot

I knew it was me
For whom the sky had rained
Cloudless sky and cloudless minds
Do not cry in vain

My ignorance had failed to hear You
In the music of that rain
It rained and rained the whole day
And Your love had gone in vain

I had frowned and chided You
And vowed never to see You again
My love had soured, rotten in doubt
In rage my heart remained

But, a headless fanatic was I,
My madness softened my rage
The sky was clear, night disappeared
And Love won against Rage

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