I realized deepest connections are subtler than I think,
They are so accurate to know and catch a person blink,
Such is their nature that they reverberate deep in people’s hearts,
Even if some are unaware of the sensitive subtle arts,
Such is their nature that conversations aren’t always needed,
It is just heartfelt gratitude, love and care that are to be heeded,
These emotions when lie dormant in the heart of hearts,
Influence and impress their imprints which come along singing their parts,
Though you might not know that the heart has a cave,
Where the echoes of past sing through their holy graves,
And encourages us to find people who we have always been connected to,
To skim and search through the billions finding our affectionate few,
Such is the depth of these bonds that they last lifetimes at a stretch,
Where often many meet the ones when they are in trouble or are wretched,
From their agony how these bonds help them become sturdy,
Helping them grow, reflect, shine and study,
They help them realize the depth of love and care,
And how a person’s presence can actually be a column of cool pleasant air,
Such is the nature of deep bonds as these,
Where even after not talking there exists a fathomable peace,
Where you know, no matter what happens to you two,
Whether you be there, curse, love or keep up the boo,
Eventually the hate, anger and disappointment all lose their bid,
Love and care again sprout through their dormant seeds,
Helping you realize the depth of your bond,
Where the heart never gives up on being fond,
Where even after being miles or lives apart,
Your very presence remains etched to each other’s hearts!!

4th November,2021
Vedant Ranadive


Well, So how many of you have experienced the existence of such bonds and connections with your loved ones? Well these things don’t only take place in the movies, everyone in our life has a part to play, if you have experienced the beauty of deep connections then you know what I am talking about!! Such genuine connections are the ones which light our lives in reality and make our lives worth living, and in our darkest times these are the people who are the bundles of joy which spread the light through their presence and guide and help us become better people!!

Well, Happy Diwali To Everyone!! 

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