“Get out of the bubble” is a common phrase, that we all hear at every phase of our life. Getting contemplated to the judgment. Have you every wonder, that the bubble can be your shield. Which you use to protect yourself from other. Let’s get it straight that we all are going through a life. Everyone with their own struggles to carry. And who is a person, who have never seen your struggles your pain. All of sudden from nowhere comes and tells you to get out of the bubble.

This is more like the scenario, where a random person tells you to leave your shelter and run in the hot summer day, without taking a break. This is a pure madness. It will let you kill and eventually make you dead.

Being is the bubble is no harm, but being in the bubble for eternity is a harm. Only fresh water creates bubble. As the life is preserved in it. The bubble can be made on the surface or beneth the water. One contains life and the other craves for life. Know the difference. Choose wisely.

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