The ways of The God are mysterious. They are beyond the capacity of our limited mind and intellect. However, as explained to me recently by one of the exalted devotees of Swamiji, one can hope to understand the ways of God, by observing the conduct of a living, breathing Saint.

This made immediate sense to me, as this method is both tangible and experiential.

So, what is my understanding of God?

I could see that:

• The God is for real. His Grace is for real. His Grace can bend the stringent laws of material nature.
• The God is compassionate. His love is causeless, like that of a Mother for her child.
• The God does not need anything from me.
• The God never forces me to do anything but indicates what is good for me.
• The God also takes care of me through the Saints.

I could also see, that I have put burden of my several expectations on God, like:

• The onus of my faith in God is on Him, and not on me.
• His Grace should always be greater than my endless desires.
• The God should be accessible to me at my convenience.
• I may follow His teachings or not, I should always be blessed by Him.
• I may spread His words or not, it should not matter to Him.
• I may spread His blessings or not, His Grace on me should remain abundant.

This much is evident to me. However, the fact remains – The God, indeed, works in mysterious ways.