One fine breezy evening, while I was watching my daughter, Rija, swinging on a monkey bar, my friend came running towards me and shared her happy news with me. Her son who is four years old has learnt to write “A”. Her joy had no bounds on her son’s achievement.

I remember the day when Rija wrote her first “A”. Being a mother I was ecstatic and I clicked pictures of that “A” and shared with my relatives and waited for my husband, Rajesh, to come back from office to show our daughter’s achievement.  The featured image of this post is the first “A” written by Rija. Mothers get attached with their kids’ “FIRSTS”. Does the mothers’ reading this post agree with me?

Isn’t that an achievement?

In my view, IT IS. Writing the first alphabet “A” is definitely an achievement and that is the beginning of becoming writers. From letters to words and from words to sentences, sentences to paragraphs and paragraphs to posts in osdotme.

I take this opportunity to thank the team for bringing up this challenge that made me realize that it’s not an easy job to write. Thinking over an idea, planning for the theme which is worth the readers’ time, choosing appropriate featured images, collecting facts and then presenting them to the community was really a hard and creative work. I am glad that I could be part of this challenge and was able to survive till the end.

I would like to congratulate all the participants and thank them for sharing such beautiful posts that in turn gave me insight on various topics. And my humble gratitude to all readers whose comments really pepped me up to write. For some comments or compliments as I say, I was wondering, am I really worth it? But, readers were so generous and kind in their words that kept me going.

I never thought that I will be writing anything or sharing my truth with anyone as I have always been a quiet and a coy person. But, the trust that osdotme community had shown helped me pour my heart out. I felt lighter, happy, confident and peaceful. I realized that writing is the best way to communicate with others. We learn so many things reading others’ experiences. While writing one doesn’t feel lonely, personally I got refreshed and charged up.

Thanks to Medhaji and her team for bringing up this fun filled challenge. I enjoyed so much that I forgot that I was up for challenge, rather than was just in flow of words. This platform is definitely helping me to be open-minded, building strong vocabulary along with growing passion for reading and creative writing.

With this I am closing my #TheWriteChoice challenge but I will keep writing.  

All glories to HIM.

Jai Shri Hari!

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