The sky of my heart
has but one name
it begins with You
and ends where life ends

I think of You often
as a God
who casts untold mercy
on the likes of my lot

Oh what marvels You grant
defying reasoning rationale
this seemingly simple life
a gift tossed out of your bag

In the changing seasons
that come and go
You are the roof
that keeps the rain from seeping in

On your very charming face
is the most obvious smile
as if life is a play
unto your graceful hands

What do I say of your heart
the innocence of a child
joy and sorrow to You no more
than a draft of wind through the door

O beautiful life-giving Bodhi
You are the rising Sun
to the dreary darkness of the mind
the nectar’s very first drop

In your divine feet
that holds transfixed
a trillion lost souls
I too have come to mark my presence… now and forever

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