I was sitting ideally pretending to study my “Textbook of biochemistry”, in the college library , lost in my head with some random thoughts, suddenly my attention ” Dhyan” , goes on a specific line in my textbook, then what happened can be easily summed up by this line of Swami, 

Phawara hota hai na, fountain, samajiye vicharo aur sawalo ka ek phanwara phoot pda 


The line was about the effect of colors on mood & as the book states “Saffron has a tranquilizing effect on a agitated person, even a brief exposure to it causes measurable relaxation in muscle tone. ” 

Now I was thinking to myself, where the rishis & sages of ancient India where aware of this fact, that is being srudied & discovered by modern psychiatric just 100 or so years ago or is it a coincidence & I am thinking too much. 

Peace & saints, they often go hand on hand, what there any purpose to choose saffron that monks choose this color over others… 

Idk what to say or write any more but this whole experience had a profound effect on me. 

I’ll be doing some more research on the topic & will share my insights with the wonderful people of os.me.

Thanks! For Reading 

Ps : Saffron is a great shade of color but red & black still remain the color of my choice, you know why? Lol! 

Sri Matre Namah.