Greetings !! 

I was thinking to write a  post like this when I went to school after  lockdown .I just wanted to express some things that were roaming around my head for a few days for now …..

 “I slept at 2 am, I hardly slept“

“Nah but you still got some, I slept at 7 in the morning, I didn’t even get to sleep properly “

“I slept at 11. I had a good sleep though “

“That is lame, how can you sleep this early “

These are some real time talks and I am not exaggerating even a single bit.   Imagine a person being sleep deprived and then being called cool. We are living in a generation where a majority of unhealthy habits are considered as cool. Ridiculous right?

I have seen some actually deciding to look sad just to feel more matured and cooler but from what I have seen is to know how to stay happy.( I’m not saying that they cannot express themselves when they are sad . It’s necessary to express ourselves because we are social beings but what is not right is to pretend to be sad )

Some just make up things to look cool, like man, it’s completely fine to be just the way you are, you don’t even need to make up things.

It is actually kind of hard to survive like this, the race for being / looking cooler will probably never end.  

But you know what’s cooler. to never change yourself just to fit in the standards that anyone sets.

Because everyone has set their own different standards. Everyone is struggling with loving themselves fully, struggling with their own insecurities and overthinking, struggling with gaining confidence but from what I see it is just a thing which everyone experiences during puberty but learning how to overcome these like stepping stones is exactly what is cooler.

There is a quote that I wanted to mention:

“Life isn’t about how it looks, it is all about how it feels ….”

Ending this post,

 With a reminder to stay happy, safe and take care of yourself (as it is very important). Don’t push yourself to extreme limits and don’t forget to look straight into the mirror and praise yourself (for a good deed or something you successfully completed today) . Sleep well and take rest .❣

If you are feeling down this might help:

With Smiles ❣


Jai Sri Hari 🙏