Mobile and me are best friends, maybe as much as i m in presence of Swamiji and as much as i want to be in person with him ,My mobile serves a great need for same with Swamiji s you tube vedios ,Swamiji s zoom satsangs ,Swamiji s voice chanting in black lotus app and his blogs and a virtual satsang with co devotees who are our loving Om Swami Parivar, Mobile phone is a heartbeat ,an oxygen cylinder and my inseparable monkey baby ,i eat ,drink ,walk ,sit and sleep with it! With Smart phones coming my first experience with them was when my husband bought a new phone and gave me his old one! But our ( mobiles and mine) romance lasted 4 months when while visiting Shani mandir to give Shani dev oil for taliing Pakora ,i dropped it where i dont know maybe near the car and though i had poorn vishwaas he ll return my beloved ,he took all my kasht by a material possession ( theory i gave myself) , so with great lectures and regular guilt trip feeling i was bought another smart phone of samsung ,( the least priced smart phone) as school work of kids came on the watts app! This phone was my freind, phylosopher and guide and made me meet Swamiji too( first you tube vedio of Swamiji was on this) ,but once while eating lauki vegetable with gravy for weight loss the phone got so tempted and drooling that it too jumped into the lauki. I HAD read in some watts app messages to check weather microwave is working or obsolete keep a mobile in it and ring the bell,if bell rings its time to change microwave or its dangerous and can blast.I forgot this and thought it was written to drain water from mobile heat it in microwave and it will get ok ,which i did never to revive its heart beat! This phone had been my mate for an year and 3 months so after a call to my inlaws on my carelessness and all bad names i was again bought a Mi mobile phone after 2 months of using basic hand set we had bought for our child s school camp. Look at destiny or my foolishness, the day i bought it i had a meeting with aiims director to let us use there Dharamshala s to have workshop with patients kids on good touch and bad touch ! Since there is no parking in aiims i took at auto for commuting and reached back home after talking all the way to auto driver on his daughter’s Mental health ,humanity ,humility and generosity! After 6 minutes of reaching home i realized my phone missing, i put it on tracking with husband’s staff and was sure the truthful auto driver will give it ! After 24 hours and no result i took exact cash of 11,000 rs from my mom and bought same model phone from market aswell sim card ! The scare of screaming, reduculing and making a rucckus by my husband made me really scared to share this incedent with him.My husband is an extremely intelligent hard working and good habbit man but is still learning to handle stress ,anger and chaos grace fully! After buying and using the second phone who s receipt and box i threw away at shop only not to be caught ,i revealed to my husband after a day what all had happened! I took name of Swamiji and said give me courage to be truthful! Thank fully there was not much storm maybe he
Was too busy with his court cases and work or Divine grace and Guru protection for speaking truth! I am trying Swamiji with baby steps.

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