The way we connect with our self is so different every time. But one thing always remains the same is we being who we are. How easily we sometime forget who we are. Then, all sudden when we connect to the person living in us. Makes us understand how so very deliberately we have made this happen to us. With all those little steps we take away it.

But, the most amazing fact; which we realize after we reconnect again. That, it was always there. Waiting for me to meet my own existence. I don’t know? is this bliss or a sheer incident of ignorance. Where we just meeting oneself bringing water in my eye. Or maybe just a self-awareness. Of we are just a soul with a body mind and energy. when the brain nerves accelerate the chain of living.

We become diluted with a thought of nothingness. Even thou it is for a while maybe we are being our own Buddha for a while. How different and new this experience gets with time. Looking at those Rocky Mountains covered with fresh snow. And the blue sky, just looks so vast. Just want to fly for a while like the crow. Believing I’m that particular crow and maybe the whole anomaly of the bird.

Even thou I may be looking at him with my own retina. The pupil gets diluted with every swing of its wing. Making me feel it is one step close to the vast sky. Feeling of being these both creatures at the very same time. Or maybe I’m not. There might be some other being which just connected me with the bird. Making the bird a drastic element to shift my perceptive toward the whole morning when I just was looking at the sanity.