Jai Shri Hari.

This story was shared by my mother, Smt. Meenakshi Om. She needed my help to upload this story, so I am uploading it on her behalf.


Once upon a time, there was a rich man who was very insecure about losing his monetary wealth. One day, he asked a saint about securing his wealth even after his death and keeping the money with him at all times.

The saint was puzzled and asked him about his current methods of securing his wealth.

The rich man said whenever he travels to Europe he converts his money into euros and keeps them with him; and in US dollars, whenever he goes to the USA, or in the currency of the country of travel.

The saint said, “Well, then you have a smart way of keeping your wealth with you all times.”

The rich man proudly nodded.

The saint then suggested that he should convert his wealth into the currency of God’s place.

But how? The rich man asked.

Then the saint said, “By using that money for welfare of the mankind, and for sure that wealth will then go with you after your death. This is the one and only way your wealth will actually be with you even after death, my child.”