The day we celebrate, Teacher’s Day in respect of the former president of India Sarvepalli RadhakrishnanWell, I have been doing the rhetoric sending message approach for many years (Sometimes with full sincerity & at times partially) to wish Teachers Day.

Yesterday I made my first phone call to my childhood language teacher, who stay near our home & does visit my mother frequently (a good friend of hers now). She only said one statement “Aashirvaad to All”.  My two kids do learn now & then, grammar and language tips from her.

When I was in standard 10th, the same teacher met me at school and asked me can you visit my home, to clear the doubts of a few students in Maths. I readily agreed, back then NO phones and NO Bikes, dressed up decently, combed (oiled hair) reached my teachers home at sharp 5 pm to assist.

She asked me to wait for a few minutes in the front hall and went back in to continue her class. And after a very long 5 mins (for me it appeared ages) she called me in another room (her dinning + classroom). When I entered the hall, I could see back of 5 or 6 students seating on the floor & a black rubber board was hanging in front of them & Mam was standing there, waved me to walk in.

Shivering, sweating, trembling reached near the rubber board. She asked me to explain the chapter of Trigonometry (NO Doubt clearing as she mentioned, But teach Complete Chapter). I hesitantly collected chalk from her and the moment I turned around, I was stunned and stoned, All the students seating there were my school classmates. My heart sank and somehow saved myself from smirks and looks from them, and initiated teaching. That day I was promoted to be a Student-Teacher.

Fast forward two and a half decades.

Currently being a faculty and associated with many school students, I remembered my initiation time. Kindness and confidence I was bestowed upon by my teacher, I feel the same for my students now.A sincere Pranaam and Thanks to my Teacher.

Sincere Obeisance and Pranaam to Om Swamiji for allowing me to write in this forum. Always seeking his guidance and his presence with us.

Best Regards

Niren Patel

  • This is my first post, kindly pardon any mistakes and do comment, guide me. Will bring more stories on paper.