Oh when they die
a part of you dies too.
It’s a pain like no other
it turns and turns
like a knife being twisted.
Somedays it feels if only
there was a little more time
a little more laughter
to let the changing tide
settle into my heart
life would be simpler.
You’d have still been gone
and I’d have cried
And died a little
but I’d have made plans
to live without you.
The haste in which you’ve dashed out
has left me with empty days
of quiet mourning
not knowing what to do with me.
There’s an empty garden
a silent house
memories scattered as toys
on the ground.
Oh this pain is unacceptable
I want to fight
but I don’t know with whom
who took you away
or why now?
They say I must find my peace
how can I
when your passing has carried
a piece of me.

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