My heart was racing in your remembrance
My mind tranquil in your love
My body whirling away in kirtan

I wished I wasn’t alone
What companions did I have?
I summoned my lust
I summoned my greed
Anger, hatred, good and bad
Love and kindness, happy and sad

Fake and pretentious and even the real
All my forms stood ready, hands in the air

And I made them all dance for You

My anger
My lust
My love
My hatred
My good
My bad
My fake
And my real
They were all swaying in your love

All of them want you
The pretentious one wants you
The innocent
The defensive
The child
The adult
The bhakt wants you
The bhogi wants you
The yogi wants you
The dhongi wants you

Did I think I could stop myself
By claiming to be unworthy?
Even the dualities dwell on your form
My ego twins, pure and impure
Stare at you in awe!

The dervish twirls for you
The poet sings your glory
The learned one recites shlokas
And the illiterate rejoices in sweet agony

My demons come to haunt me

And angels often swell with pride

I gather them around

Encircling all my traits in your love

And they run in circles around my Beloved!



Picture Credit: Joost Crop on Unsplash