Are you on Insta???


As the very familiar question about me being on Insta, Facebook, watsapp, Twitter ( on & on & on) is asked yet another time…


One can’t help but wonder if we are at all in the real world anymore???


When we the LIKES, LOOKS & LOVE ( just the word ) obsessed culture, are truly hitting another high on the already high Divorce rates and going rock bottom on our self worths and genuine friendships, one truly does question that what is it that is fuelling the growth of depression and anxiety ( which is definitely in vogue these days ) and making all of us a LONELY LOT inspite of hundreds ( even thousands) of Facebook friends.


When a college friend of mine; jokingly tweets, “ that too buy an XYZ luxury car, he might have only BAKED BEANS for 5 years”, I wonder truly shocked, that have we truly ATTAINED IMMORTALITY in this humanly body ???? Are we not constantly comparing ourself to someone or the other just to feed the NEVER FED ENOUGH, self doubt & ego.


As the nation, recently mourned the one year of country’s youth icon, Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide, how aware we truly are to lend a helping hand to someone truly in need for a Heart to Heart conversation.


When contemplating, what I truly want from my this beautiful & blessed life, I definitely understood, that when searching for meaning, I for sure, don’t want a SELFIE of a steroids toned body in the latest LOUIS VUITTON fashion accessories, to impress my Facebook network of my non existent NET WORTH !!!


In a mortal universe, where our physical bodies might DROP DEAD anytime, how important it is to be DROP DEAD GORGEOUS all the time.


As I silently take a bow, at the Hollywood’s marvellous film, it’s certain that :