Hi my fellow friends! 

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting for a long time, I’ve been busy with school work and other activities. Here is a great story, but don’t read this at night! Please comment and follow me! 

Looking through his telescope, charting his path down to La Florida, Joun Ponce De Leon was eagerly waiting to begin his search for the mysterious fountain of youth, at last. As they approached La Florida, the Spanish explorers could see the waters becoming lighter while the surroundings were getting darker. Joun Ponce De Leon was extremely nervous because once they reached the shore their boat got lost to the mist!

While venturing into the deep dark forest on the peninsula, they heard distant screams of people seeking help. “No! Please!! AAAAHHHHHH!!” Half the explorers passed out from the blood lust of the forest. Subsequently, the freezing dark forest screeched with hundreds of Velociraptors poking their heads out violently. One by one, heads of the explorers were dropping on the ground in shreds and the ground became murky from the pool of blood. 

Joun Ponce De Leon along with nine other men escaped the bloody attack of the raptors. As they ran, they heard sounds of a waterfall and they knew they were close to the mysterious fountain of youth. They dreamt of relaxing in the waters to shake off this bloody nightmare and be eternally youthful!

Jumping in to the freezing waters with a sigh of relief hoping to escape from the ferocious creatures, they swam to their heart’s content. The sky was changing colors from dark blue to a light orange. The birds were chirping while they were playing and frolicking in the what they thought to be the fountain of youth!

The rising sun casted an orange glow not only to the sky but also reaching the waters they were swimming in! “Get out of the water!! It’s blood!!” Screamed Joun Ponce De Leon to his men in a hurry. The men swam as fast as they could and reached the shore. The raptors were waiting for a happy new welcome to hell! They jumped from the trees, crushed their skulls, drank their blood, stabbed them with their claws. Those poor men were tortured alive till they died. Alas! That was the Devils’ will!