The beautiful dream catcher hanging in the window of a quaint little shop catches my fancy. As I gaze at the beautiful coloured feathers swaying slightly and the long chains dangling gracefully I am carried away into a different world altogether…

I soar high up in the sky, I fly over green fields, deep forests, sparkling rivers, peoples’ houses, hills and valleys. I fly all the way to the beautiful slow clad mountains where sits my magnificent Lord in all his glory. 

My Lord is in deep meditation, and even the air around him seems to be in a trance as if mesmerized by the radiance that is bursting forth from his tranquil form. The small gentle smile playing on his lips indicates the deep ocean of bliss He is swimming in, as if inviting me to take a plunge into it. But my Lord, how do I reach there? I do not know the way, only you can guide me to it.

I sit at my Lords feet, pulled as if a powerful magnet is drawing me to them. I belong here. There is no other place I want to be in except close to your feet my Lord. My Lord slowly opens his eyes as he comes out of meditation, and he slowly starts shaking the damaru. First lightly and then slowly gathering force. The beats of the damaru resonate deeply within me, it’s like all the noise in me has been silenced by these beats. Its like time has come to a standstill. There is no past. There is no future. There is only this moment. And it is all that exists. And My Lord, you are all that exists.