I offer my obeisance to you my Rev. Sri. Sri. Om Swamiji🙏🕉🌺 I know I have not been able to visit and meet you in person, but I have ventured into Sri. Bhadrika with Sri. Hari’s Grace virtually and sat and visualised my daily conversations with HIM and you. My painting is a loving gift to you please accept🙏🕉🦢🌺

March awaited with unknown messages . But who is to decide when the TIME is odd or even at any given moment? There are no written guarantees to how the system of the Universe within conspires with the Universe outside and takes you closer to HIM and to yourself. For be it the best moments or the worst moments HE JUST SHOWS UP🙏 All we have to do is keep exalting our higher facilities as a gift to Him.

Would like to quote some beautiful words by Leo Tolstoy- Said He, whoever exalts himself, shall be humbled, and he who is humbled shall become exalted.” So true isn’t it! 

 Waiting at the emergency in excruciating pain in the stomach last week ( this being the second time at the hospital within 15 days)  unable to breathe properly the mind was battling with the heart and all  I needed was some respite.

The moment took a longer turn as the treatment to ease my pain started only after a couple of hours wait in the emergency on the wheel chair with my daughter seeking quick help of the doctors, eventually getting a room. 

Everything seemed to be moving in a flow, and my eyes were witnessing this place of agony and healing where you either survive or leave for good. There was no end to pain and sorrow out there and for once I wanted to break free from this myth called pain within me and leave the place. Life feels so delicate and helpless in such situations . Feeling sick , on the bed seems like such a waste of time. But there are times when even though you are in control, nothing is in control. 

As I kept sensing  my pain my inner communication with the Divine got deeper. I was prepared for anything , but for a little whisper in my ears and a cool breeze that touched me instantly and  transported me back home in my sweet room, where on the easel the incomplete painting of Sri Hari stood for almost two months. I could sense Sri Hari that moment , it was exhilarating .  My pain had mixed feelings now combined with my creation at home.  A creation I so dreamt to make it come true, for it was a vision I always had many times during my past life sessions and even in my dreams. And then when I saw HIM at Sri. Bhadrika I could not resist fulfilling my dream.

And now this painting is incomplete, my thoughts were full of whispers of the heart by now carrying HIS message, “O you haven’t completed ME!” I now wanted to go back home. How can I leave it unfinished? How can I back out from something that I had committed to?

“ Take me back Home and once I finish your painting , I would find my peace “, I murmered. 

The next day I was allowed to go back home after all the tests were done, and strangely the doctors could not find anything major even after the CT Scan too.
Returning back home getting better and first thing I do is sit down and slowly and patiently complete HIM. “Jai SrI Hari’

Sharing it with my loving and kind OS family, love you all and thank you for your healing wishes which means a world of Grace to me🙏🕉🌺

To my Sri Hari, my world 🙏

Hold my hand O Deva

I think of Thee at all times;

Grant me a little  boon.

O Deva, O Vishnu Maa

Let me be a tiny flower

That adorns your neck

Let me be the red bindu

That lights your forehead

Let me be the very stone

On which you Graciously stand

Let my eyes forever admire

Your Roopa your Bhaava

Let me feel you everywhere

In every life and every breath

Allow  me to keep creating your Grace

Ever and ever magnificently

Be my Soul, my Solace

You are my holy Refuge

Prostrations unto Thee!

Jai Sri Hari ! Jai Sri Hari! Jai Sri Hari!

While painting few words poured out from the heart….

तू खुद से खुदाई करके तो देख

तू खुद को दुहाई दे कर तो देख

कहां खोज रहा है अपनी आत्मा को दिन-रात

तू अपनी गहराई से जुड़  कर तो देख

True, that we have to dig deep within to find the Divinity of our Soul purpose that leads to Him.
I seriously never knew that I would paint and create HIM for I know my capabilities as an artist who can barely sketch, but the flow happens when the canvas is put up on the easel.

Also I later realised that the stomach is the Manipura Chakra and it’s Deity is Lord Vishnu. So the Creator made me do His Painting and made His Divine presence so evident , what more could my life dream of🙏🕉Hari Bol🙏🕉

May there be more faith, love, Peace, joy, kindness, compassion, truth, beauty  in your life my OS Sangha and May  every being and every home be Blessed by Sri. Hari’s Grace🙏🕉🍃 May our Universe Be healed. 

Taking things little slow as I have been admitted in the emergency twice, but that does not deter my spirit to paint and write. I shall keep posting as and when I keep healing. 

Much Love and Peace,

Siddhika Umesh