The day was tiring…he checked out from his office . Got onto his bike, sat so for a while, those thoughts rushed into the mind..and a couple of those through the eyes…
A week had passed without them talking to each other. This had never happened in those seven years.
He started the bike and left.The ride seemed the slowest.A truck honked ‘beep beeeep’,the much needed push 😉.
The wake up honk was so loud that speedo on the bike raised like a mustang.
He had made up his mind to change his route back home today…after miles of thoughts he reached her home…
‘Tak takk’ he knocked the door. Her mom opened the door. “Come in” welcomed him with the same smile as if nothing had changed. He sat on a chair placing the helmet on the floor and asked her mother ” isn’t she there?” mom replied “she is inside her room will come,I’ll get you cup of coffee”flashed into the kitchen.
Something was not right he sensed it the moment he heard his heart beat,it was that silent in the living room..again he asked “will she come?”
mom replied “yes she will now I’m getting coffee for her as well”.
He had never called her by name regardless of her presence.Her room door opens, here she comes..he looks at her by then she flees into the kitchen…his smile said it all as he had not seen her for days.
That ride with those drenched eyes to her home seemed to be the longest but now just getting a glimpse of her he realised ‘worth it’.
Her mom came out with the coffee,” please have it”,offered a cup of coffee as always.
Sipping to the bottom of the cup he placed the cup on the table beside and asked “is she in there( in the kitchen)?”, she replied “cominggg”.
Yes this time it was her voice.
His smile charged again as he heard her after days 😊 . she came in and sat on the chair right in front of him and said ” Hi.”
He was quite sad and confused at her actions as she sat in front of him facing the television and laughing at the show.
He asked her “why?” She knew what he was asking about,but then “what?” She asked him.He was witnessing something new but silly heart he ignored..”why is happening?” adding “we have not spoken to each other since a week,please let me know if I have done anything wrong,I’ll correct it” ,the scared heart surrendered.
He was then scared as he was witnessing something off track in those seven amazing years.
His impatient mind,” Have I done anything wrong?have I hurt you in any manner?whatever it may be I’ll correct it..please talk to me.”
She said “please calm down its not that, you have done nothing wrong,but I think we have to end this!!”
He looked at her with those tearing eyes and wished what he heard was not true and asked,” u are not serious right?..i know that you love me more than anything and whatever it may be about me please let me know that I’ll will correct it” adding with a shivering voice “please look at me its been a week since we met or spoke to each other..”
Quite till then she replied with a flat tone like never before ,” u gave me no time and its over I can’t take this anymore..” Without even looking at him… eyes on the TV(laughter show running on the TV).
He with no words and vacuumed mind looked at the floor and the tear rolled and dropped on the floor…He was in a state that was ‘unexplainable’.
After a minute of gathering the thoughts and words he just looked at her,the sight was like…she had that smile looking at the laughter show..
Post a quite pause he had no courage to digest what she said…he had melted into a child pleading(namaskara mudra) her not to say so and he will do whatever makes her happy…it was like a child pleading his mother…
Her mother was right there and intervened and said,”don’t do this to him after all these years” “anything and everything has solution,be wise”
After minutes of silence she said “I need sometime..I just need sometime, u don’t cry.”
Her ask for need of sometime made him think that she won’t leave him and will be back after sometime for herself..for stupidity or innocence this calmed him down…
He said” please take your time and I know you’ll be back soon and I’m sorry I acted childish” adding” ok leave that please have your dinner its already ten ..I’ll leave now.”
He picked up his helmet with those shivering hands (shattered yet hoping)and said “bye, love you” to which she never replied for the first time and last as well,as they never met again…

But there was something that kept him hoping..when he came out of the house and couple of steps towards the gate he saw her through the open window…she was still watching the television but a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.