My fascination with the universe and it’s vastness has always played with my inquisitive mind. In my childhood days, I used to think if the Earth, where we live, is called Prithvi Lok, it means that there should have been other Lokas in the universe known by different names and thus, other beings also living on those Lokas

As I grew up, my interest in the planets, the galaxy, the stars developed more and I started feeling kind of connection with the space. I started to wonder as to why we look up to the sky and the space when we pray or think about God or expect a miracle. The realization came that as per my little knowledge about our scriptures and forelore, our devtas used to descend from the space and they also used to do pushap varsha from the sky over the enlightened souls treading on the earth. My inquisitive mind then raises a question that whether our devtas, ganas, gandharavas are extraterrestrial beings, who are superior in intellect and technology than us and in fact they had imparted knowledge to the humans about every physical and metaphysical subject. 

This leads me to think that extraterrestrial life exists somewhere in parallel universe and it’s not just a hoax. The stories about sightings of UFOs should be true and the encounters must have been real. There has to be ‘The Other Side’. As a spiritual being, I also feel that our soul, or the consciousness is not just an individual entity but part of the big plan and we all are interconnected with the universe through an invisible thread including the extraterrestrial.