Part 1 of the story (Please Click Here)

Oh my God, My Lord, Holy Father in Heavens! What will I do with a dead body? If I get caught, I shiver to imagine what the consequences will be. 

After thinking about all the possibilities, she tied the body to an old donkey that used to stroll in the yard. After which, she kicked the donkey, shooing it away from the house. Taken with fright, the old donkey started running with the stiff and heavy burden. The donkey reached the yard of a rich man. Feeling hungry and tired, it started grazing on the grasses and flowers. Some time after, the wife of the rich man saw the donkey. She was angry at seeing her herbs and flowers getting trampled and eaten. In fury, she set out towards the man and his donkey. 

Woman: Hey you! How dare you unleash your animal in our yard. And why are you smiling. Don’t you have any shame? Your donkey is destroying my beautiful garden. 

The man did not reply and continued smiling. 

Woman: What a shameless man you are! Hey Husband! Come out immediately!

Hearing the angry and cowering voice of his wife, the husband came out bearing a long stick in his hand. 

to be continued..

🌸Hari Om🌸