The local parables are very famous and make funny night stories. One such story is entitled ‘The Lover and the Donkey’.

It so happened that a woman was with her lover, when her husband returned home. The husband knocked at the door.

Wife: Who is here?

Husband: It’s me! Open the door. 

Wife to her lover: Go at the back and hide.

Husband: Have you made hot water on the fire for coffee?

Wife: I shall do it immediately. Weren’t you supposed to come in the late evening?

Husband: I met my uncle on the way itself. That’s why I could return earlier. 

The water was boiling furiously, threatening to overflow from the vessel. She poured the water over the coffee and went back to the kitchenette. Suddenly the husband stood up and threw the coffee at the spot where his wife’s lover was hidden. The guy was shell shocked and couldn’t utter even a cry over the boiling water. He just died. What was surprising was that his face remained freezed with a wide smile.

The following morning, the husband went out to work. That very moment, the wife called back her lover. When he did not come out, she went inside to check on him. Despite her insistence, he did not make a move. She realised that he passed away with a big smile on his face. 

to be continued..

🙏🏼Hari Om🙏🏼